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We Started developing notes and video lectures to cater to these students who couldn’t afford expensive one on one tutoring. These lectures were tailor made to solve student problems individually and they ended up becoming popular among our students. Now students could study at their own pace, and would only study those topics that they are having trouble with. Our aim and mission is to make education convenient, easy and cheap.

No More Expensive Tutoring

After years of teaching in High Schools in Islamabad, we realized that students often needed extra help and ended up joining coaching centers. There are many different reasons why students are opting for coaching centers, lack of quality teaching in schools or lack of teacher contact time are some of the reasons. Every student had his own unique problems in different subjects, and these problems needed individual attention. On top of this, most private coaching centers are crammed & unregulated and it is hard to keep an eye on your child’s activities.

Meet Our Teachers

Here is our brilliant team that is busy building quality lectures, So next time you don't have to worry when you get stuck on that tricky math question or find it difficult to understand chemistry or physics.
For Online Courses, Queries, Questions, or Online Tutoring, Contact us: megalecture@gmail.com