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How many times you must appear in NUST Entry Test NET?

It is advisable to appear at least twice in NET so that you have the chance to improve your marks. After all, the best result of NET will be counted for merit list preparation for NUST Undergraduate admissions. Hence you must appear at least twice in NET to maximize your chances of admission. NET-I is very important and you must not miss it. Here is the reason why?

Which of the NUST Entry test NET 1, 2, or 3 you must appear?

We will strongly recommend FSc 2nd year students to appear in NET-I which is scheduled to be held in November  2020. The reason is that NET-2 will be held when you will be busy preparing for your final exams. Also, many of the students have pointed out that NET-I is relatively easy, and most of the portion comes from FSc Part-I syllabus, while some of the questions are from 2nd year. Because at this stage, students have not covered the full 2nd-year syllabus, hence most of the questions come from 1st year. So you can study hard, revise the part-I syllabus, as well as 2nd-year syllabus and try to get maximum marks.

You can skip NET-II and focus your energies on your FSc exams, and then re-appear in NET-III after your exams to see if you can score more marks.

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